Waiting in an office?  Sitting on a toilet?  Stuck on a bus?  Not ready to fall asleep but the lump next to you doesn't want the TV on?

Need something to occupy your mind, without excess adrenaline?  Just click below.  There's nothing to install.

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Big Bogus

a giant list of words, most of which are thought to be real...

geopolitical tidbits, countries, oceans, mountains...

provinces, lakes, monarchs, prime ministers, cities...
Nerd Werds

exotic matters, cryptozoology, science, math...
How to play?  Pick a game from the choices above then start clicking on the virtual keyboard. (Turn your phone sideways.) You'll notice when you get letters right or wrong.  The goal is to complete as many words as possible with as few errors as possible.  Try the menu (≡) if you get a chance, but you won't need it just to play.

The Word Imp game platform is fueled with lists of words especially curated to be both informative and entertaining. Nibble from the lists randomly at your own pace.  Cheat to your heart's content.  Skip words that upset your zen.

Game stats provide support if you care to set goals for yourself, but they never judge you.  There is no winning or losing except in terms you set for yourself.  What's more, some of the words in Big Bogus are arguable, or just plain stupid.  If you're feeling judgey, you can judge the goon who put the wordlist together!  Enjoy!

Requirements: Javascript must be enabled in your browser.  (It probably already is.)  A fairly recent mainstream browser isn't a bad idea, either.
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